Board of Directors

CSLS Board of Directors 2015-2016:

BOD Officers

  • Lanie Phillips, At-Large Member and Board Chair
  • Catherine Wilson, Student Body President Appointee and Board Vice Chair
  • Max Williams, Student Congress Appointee and Board Secretary

Faculty and Administration Members

  • Wendell Gilland, Professor at Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Janine Zanin, Professor at UNC School of Law
  • Aaron Bachenheimer, Director of Frat. & Sor. Life and Community

Student Members

  • Patrick Vander-Jeugdt, Graduate & Professional Student Federation Appointee
  • Kaitlyn Boigner, At-Large Member


Board Meetings:

The Carolina Student Legal Services Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss ongoing and future issues regarding Carolina Student Legal Services Inc.

Board Minutes are available from Carolina Student Legal Services Inc. office upon request.